Windows 8.1 Checked/Debug & Symbols 8.1 Checked/Debug for x64

Windows 8.1 Checked/Debug & Symbols 8.1 Checked/Debug for x64

Debug build of Windows 8.1 and symbols for it. Enjoy;)

Windows 8.1 Checked/Debug Build 2707208:
Symbols Checked/Debug for x64:
The checked build downloads contain the checked version of the operating system, plus the checked versions of HALs, drivers, file systems, and even many user-mode components.
A partial checked build (or partial debug build)
A partial checked build of Microsoft Windows is similar to the full checked build. The principal difference is that the partial checked build includes only the checked operating system image (the kernel) and the checked hardware abstraction layer (HAL). The rest of the Windows components come from the free (retail) build of Windows.
The partial checked build differs from the free and full checked builds in the following ways:
  • As in the full checked build, many compiler optimizations (such as stack frame elimination) are disabled. This makes it easier to understand disassembled machine instructions, and therefore it is easier to trace the cause of problems.
  • The partial checked build enables a number of debugging checks in the operating system code and HAL. However, the system-provided drivers come from the free (retail) build, so unless you explicitly install the checked versions of system-provided drivers, you do not get the additional benefits of the full checked build to identify and debug problems.
  • The partial checked build requires that you first install the complete free (retail) build of Windows. Using boot options, you can configure the computer to load either the checked or free components at boot time. You can then use a single computer for testing a driver with both checked and free builds of Windows.
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