Stoned Bootkit Framework

Stoned Bootkit Framework
Stoned Bootkit Framework
What is Stoned Bootkit?

Stoned Bootkit

A bootkit is a boot virus that is able to hook and patch Windows to get load into the Windows kernel, and thus getting unrestricted access to the entire computer. It is even able to bypass full volume encryption, because the master boot record (where Stoned is stored) is not encrypted. The master boot record contains the decryption software which asks for a password and decrypts the drive. This is the weak point, the master boot record, which will be used to pwn your whole system. No one’s secure!

attacks Windows XP, Sever 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 with one single master boot record
attacks TrueCrypt full volume encryption
has integrated FAT and NTFS drivers
has an integrated structure for plugins and boot applications (for future development)